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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special report in applied marine science and ocean engineering ; no. 452.


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential impact on flow and sedimentation potential due to the proposed new crossings on the lower James River by VDOT. This project was built upon previous effort in the same area (Boon et al. 1999); the latter used VIMS’ 3D Hydrodynamic-Sedimentation Model (HYSED) to study the impact of the bridge-tunnel infrastructure on the physical characteristics (including tides, currents, circulation, salinity and sedimentation) under the existing and alternative scenarios. Due to various limitations at that time, smaller bridge pilings were not resolved but instead parameterized. In this update study, we used an unstructured-grid modeling system (SCHISM) to enable higher resolution (and thus resolve the bridge pilings) and to explicitly simulate the impact on flow and sedimentation potential around the structures.


A Report to the Virginia Department of Transportation.



Estuarine sediments -- Virginia--James River