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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Captain Sinclair’s Recreation Area (CSRA) is located on the Severn River in Gloucester County, Virginia. It is a tract of land consisting of about 100 acres that was donated to the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority (Figure 1). Longterm goals for the property include active and passive recreational and research activities including several shoreline-based projects. The property has about 1.3 miles of tidal shoreline that extends from the canal on the northern end of the property, along Whittaker Creek, and to the Severn River down to small unnamed tidal creek adjacent to the old wood pier. Shoreline erosion, historically, is greater along the more open reaches of the Severn River. A living shoreline project and new pier were recently installed along the Severn River in front of the main house.



Shoreline Management, Aerial Photography, GIS